The inspiration behind the character of Ramona in One Last Dance

For those who have read or plan to read my novel, One Last Dance, there is a secondary character, Ramona, that appears throughout the book. The character is based on a real person, Ramona Daniel--her true name. She is a well-known professional dance instructor in the greater Tucson area. She was my teacher for many years, and so it was easy for me to turn her into a believable, likeable character in a story set in the world of ballroom dancing.

Through her fictional character, the reader is introduced to basic elements of dance, ballroom etiquette, and even some insightful advice about the meaning of love. In one scene she explains, "My grandmother once told me that a good relationship is like an apple pie. To make one the most important ingredient is the apple. But you also need flour, butter, and other ingredients. Without them, all you have is a bunch of apples. And the same with a good relationship. The most important ingredient is love. But you also need other things like being able to communicate, having a strong spiritual connection, and most importantly, having the same philosophy of you see the world, the universe... Well, you get the picture. Without them, all you have is love, which is great but not enough to bind two people together--like the dough that binds the apple pie."

Were the novel to be made into a movie, I can easily see Eva Mendes or perhaps Eva Longoria playing the role of Ramona.