Web of Secrets

Some family history is too dangerous to be revealed. Sarah Baker's search for the truth about her adoption uncovered a tangled web of deadly secrets...

A phone call from a blackmailer turned Sarah's life upside down. The man claimed to know the circumstances of her illegal adoption thirty years ago. He also revealed some shocking facts about her real parents.

Rather than have the blackmailer go public with the information and risk her husband's career, she agreed to a one-time payoff. Their situation was far from resolved, and doubts about her heritage put a strain on their once ideal marriage.

Sarah still didn't have verification of the truth. She needed more details. Were there any brothers or sisters, or other family members nearby? Had the same blackmailer approached them too?

Hiring a Private Investigator seemed the only option, but it meant opening a Pandora's box. Sarah needed confirmation and closure, and was willing to take the risk. Ex FBI investigator turned P.I. Joe Coopersmith was up to the task, but working on a thirty-year-old mystery wouldn't be easy.

Joe didn't realize it might also turn deadly...


I started this book this afternoon and had read all 195 pages by tonight. Web of Secrets is very fast paced and I couldn't stop reading...just turning pages, becoming more absorbed with Sarah's story. There's a lot of racial issues in this book that I just couldn't get, meaning I don't get some people's ignorance. When Sarah finds out that she could be part African American her husband tells her to drop it because of what it could do to his career. Other characters in this book have similar problems with their loved ones (or themselves) not being able to deal with it...Take a peek at the first chapter. He reeled me in from that first moment..."

Heather M.
Reviewer -
The 24/7 Mom 


Web of Secrets has everything a good mystery should have. It has the interesting and competent P.I., secrets from the past, and multiple mysteries that need resolution. It Caught my interest immediately with the initial set up of a story from the past. 

The character of P.I. Joe Coopersmith, the fifty-something, former FBI investigator is likable and in the story he has a way with people that gets results. There is fast paced action and several twists in the story that kept me wondering where it would go next... I hope this is just the first book featuring P.I. Joe Coopersmith.

L. Brandau
Reviewer -
Book Visions


This book is filled with twists and turns, and just when I thought I had it all figured out, it changed again...I loved the characters, especially the private investigator. He had a big heart, and truly cared about his clients. I got lost in the story, and wished that it didn't end. I wanted to see how the relationship between the characters transpired, after the mystery was solved. Thumbs up for this one!"

Janet Ruth
Reviewer -
Along the Way

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